WINDOWS VPS 服務商備案收集[防止自己架設網站再度關閉]

WINDOWS VPS 服務商備案收集[防止自己架設網站再度關閉]

  WINDOWS VPS 服務商備案收集[防止自己架設網站再度關閉]  

$6.58/mo(1年) [目前自己用] 










$13/mo [痞客興目前用的公司] 



    Host-server CPU,4xOcto-Core E7-4830
    RAM,5120 MB
    Primary SSD RAID-10 Disk,100 GB SSD RAID10
    Secondary SATA RAID-10 Disk *,300 GB SATA RAID10
    CPU power,2000 MHz
    Traffic 1000 Mbps shared,without limitation
    OS Windows variants,7/8/10/2008/2012/2016
    OS Linux or BSD variants,>20 variants
    RDP access,yes
    VNC access,yes
    Dedicated IPv4,optional
    Client software,without limitation
    Price per month,$6.99
    Monthly price if pay for 1 year,$6

LINUX性能超好VPS: [Four cores/8G Rm/200G SSD] $4.99EUR/mo

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  1. 自己在『2018/06/26』被 痞客邦 / 痞客幫 踢出(封鎖/關站) 因此才在當天利用自己原先租用VPS架起wordpress部落格,特此留言紀錄

  2. PiVPS 續約/付款 相關資訊回復

    When does my VPS renew and pay?

    Your VPS will be renewed and paid in 26th Nov, 2018
    So you need to make sure that you have enough available fund to renew your VPS, sir!
    Your card will be charged to renew your VPS.

    Best Regards,
    PiVPS Ticket Support Department,

    PS 所以它是自動扣款,如果不要續約,唯一的方法就是先把信用卡綁定刪除

  3. 今年年費(2018/11/26 扣款)

    HOW much is the renewal fee for my VPS this year?

    It is $79 for 1 year for your #1 windows VPS.

    Best Regards,
    PiVPS Ticket Support Department,

  4. 有無較長合約的續約方案

    Is there a long-term renewal plan?
    For example, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years

    You just need to add credit card to your account,
    Our system will renew your VPS automatically until you send a cancellation request.
    Our max contract is 1 year (12 months) at this time, sir!

    Best Regards,
    PiVPS Ticket Support Department,

    1. LINUX VPS 購買日期:2019/04/27
      LINUX VPS 規格:
      CPU: four cores
      Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3, E5-2630v4 or 4114 processor
      8 GB RAM (guaranteed)
      200 GB disk space (100% SSD)
      100% SSD disk space
      UNLIMITED traffic !
      200 Mbit/s port
      DDoS protection (details)
      Live support every day, 365 days a year via e-mail and telephone
      Root access
      Reboot web interface (preview)
      OS reinstall console (preview)
      VNC access
      1 IP address included
      /64 IPv6 network included
      1 snapshot included

      LINUX 一年期費用:59.88 EUR

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